Graded Outstanding by Ofsted

We are delighted to share that Redhill Primary Academy has been awarded Ofsted’s highest accolade, after being rated Outstanding in all areas of the inspection framework, stating that all pupils thrive both academically as well as personally and socially.

The two-day inspection which took place on 11th- 12th June 2024 allowed staff, pupils and parents to share the very high aspirations that they have. Inspectors were highly impressed by the pupils love for learning, noting that all pupils become confident, resilient and responsible citizens due to the school’s highly inclusive culture.  

Staff proudly shared their carefully constructed curriculum based on research. Inspectors assessed that the curriculum is exceptionally well thought out, meaning that children remember the most important knowledge and skills needed for future success. They noted that reading sits at the heart of the curriculum and that children develop a deep love of reading due to the range of systems and practices staff have put in place. Across the curriculum, inspectors witnessed the impact of high-quality training and staff’s timely and incisive assessment of learning leading to children making exceptional progress in all areas.

Over the two days, the inspectors were struck by the incredibly successful start that pupils make in the early years, commenting on how well the staff know the children and how they use this information to plan what the children need to be taught next. Across the academy, inspectors observed teachers deliver lessons which inspire and motivate pupils with their superb expertise, resulting in children achieving very well, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They stated that through carefully considered adaptations, the school makes sure that pupils with SEND learn the same curriculum as their peers.

Inspectors acknowledged that provision for pupils’ personal development at the academy is exceptional. They commented on the pupils’ deep understanding of the values of tolerance, kindness and respect. It was felt that the school’s work on diversity and equality through its curriculum and wider opportunities like trips, visits and pupil voice groups enhances children’s learning and enables them to contribute to society. 

During the visit, the inspirational leadership of the headteacher and a shared vision of the trust, governors and staff at all levels was recognised. The inspectors commented on how what they saw over the two-day inspection was so exceptional, that in fact it was very rare, and so, they were astonished by all the school has achieved in recent years. They said that they had thoroughly enjoyed their visit and how they felt incredibly welcomed by staff, pupils and parents.


We are very proud to have received such a glowing report and thank all the staff, children and families for their continued support.


Welcome to Redhill Primary Academy

At Redhill Primary Academy, we are proud of our pupils, our staff and the positive atmosphere they create. The supportive ethos within the school enables pupils of all abilities to thrive as they grow and develop. We recognise the importance of achieving high standards as well as developing well rounded individuals. Our aim is to encourage personal individual success and to expect maximum commitment in all activities. The school's provision allows pupils to recognise the joy of achievement both within and outside of the statutory curriculum. At Redhill, we value all areas of the curriculum offering a broad range of learning opportunities across a wide range of subjects. We are proud to be recognised as a school which embraces global links, having achieved The International School Award by the British Council. This works hand in hand with our Fairtrade School Status and therefore fulfils our aim to equip our pupils to become global citizens of the future, who are able to make a positive contribution. The Science Outreach Quality Mark 2024-2027, Gold Arts Mark and P.E. awards also show our commitment to the development of the scientific, technological, artistic, creative and sporting talents of our children, enabling them to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives. Our commitment and enthusiasm for sport is celebrated locally. We strive to create a positive attitude towards P.E and it is hoped that the children will gain enjoyment from the physical education, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle alongside the delivery of lessons on the importance of mental health and well-being. Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on reading as we recognise that this is the key to unlock all other learning and underpins the rest of the curriculum.

Our School.