Equality and the Governing board

As a governing board we understand their responsibility under the Equality Act, as well as the role the board plays in ensuring that the Academy has an inclusive culture and learning environment. 

We ensure:

  • the Academy takes all reasonable steps so that its employees do not carry out unlawful discriminatory actions or behaviour.
  • the Academy complies with the Equality Duty and meets the two “specific duties” for schools.
  • we review the policy when appropriate
  • that the Equality Act and the protected characteristics are at the forefront through all Governor activities and monitoring.
  • that we publish information to show how the Academy is complying with the Equality Duty.
  • prepare and publish one or more specific and measurable equality objectives at least every four years.
  • that the Act is reflected in admissions process
  • equal access to facilities/building/curriculum/resources/experiences
  • that the Headteacher monitors behaviour for patterns and trends
  • that there if a focus on narrowing gaps in attainment between groups of pupils, if required
  • improving school attendance of pupils from particular groups.
  • increasing the participation of particular groups in school activities.
  • reducing prejudice-related bullying and the use of derogatory language.
  • improving knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable pupils to appreciate and value difference and diversity
  • the Academy works to increase the participation and engagement of different groups of parents and communities
  • the academy’s recruitment offers quality of opportunity
  • that the curriculum provision actively promotes the protective characteristics.

Our equality objectives for this academic year are:

  1. Track the progress of all pupils and vulnerable groups to ensure appropriate progress is maintained.
  2. To maintain and accelerate the progress of pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding and ensure that Pupil Premium expenditure continues to have a positive impact on outcomes for those pupils targeted.