After-School Club

The Annexe is a purpose built unit with three main rooms. The larger play room allows for free play where children are able to access a variety of equipment with plenty of space for extensive role play. Our activity room has a kitchen area where the children enjoy snack time and cooking activities. This room is used for our more creative activities such as sewing, cooking and art. The smaller of our three rooms is also our computer, Xbox, TV and library area. In here it is possible for children to relax and have quiet time. There is also the opportunity for quiet reading, homework or videos.

The Annexe Breakfast Club is held in the school hall and the Annexe Nursery and Afterschool Club are based in the demountable on the grounds of Redhill Primary Academy. At the Annexe we cater primarily for the needs of the children at Redhill School and in the surrounding area.

In the Annexe we promote a friendly and homely atmosphere where the children can relax and play in a safe and comfortable environment. We are fortunate to be able to use the school’s facilities and we take a healthy approach towards physical activities using the play area if weather permits or the school hall when the weather is wet. We often use the school hall when children return from clubs for physical activities, and to enable the children to have more space for other activities. Each session at The Annexe Club is planned using the guidelines set out by OFSTED. We plan using ideas put forward by the children about projects they would like to undertake. We build flexibility into our planning and give the children encouragement to plan and carry out their ideas thereby promoting Personal and social skills.

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