Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum design has been created through a culture of collaboration amongst staff, children and governors, where we are constantly identifying and sharing our best practice to allow for continuous growth and collective ownership of teaching and learning throughout the primary age range.

The curriculum is mapped out for the year for each year group from Nursery to Year 6 (please see the curriculum maps below to see an overview of this year’s chosen topics). Each term, teaching and learning is delivered through a theme, creating a cross-curricular approach where subjects, wherever possible, are linked together; nevertheless, key knowledge and skills of the individual subjects are not overlooked and have been carefully planned by teachers to create schemes of work. This planning ensures coverage and progression across the key stages and is monitored by subject leaders through our Teaching and Learning Policy.

We also ensure that planning is based around a meaningful context, beginning each term with an exciting launch and building towards an outcome which can be shared by children and parents. We believe in providing children with first-hand experiences and building on prior knowledge. For this reason, we make excellent use of our outdoor classroom, forest school and sensory garden, alongside residential visits and class visits linked to our curriculum themes. We are proud of our international links through our partnership with a school in Kenya, our commitment to Fairtrade and sustainability within our own school grounds. The Science Gold Quality Mark, Gold Arts Mark and P.E. awards also show our commitment to the development of the scientific, technological, artistic, creative and sporting talents of our children, enabling them to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives. We place a strong emphasis on reading as we recognise that this is the key to unlock all other learning and underpins the rest of the curriculum.

This our intended curriculum for the academic year 2020-21. Due to the partial closure of the Academy in March, we have revised our curriculum offer and adapted this to ensure that staff are teaching a broad and balanced offer with depth of knowledge in fewer topics being the focus, rather than many topics without allowing the children time to build their knowledge.  They will also ensure that key concepts in English and maths will be revisited and retaught where children have are assessed to have gaps in their learning due to the partial closure in the academic year of 2019-2020.  

Curriculum Jigsaws

Curriculum Maps