Enrichment Weeks 

At Redhill Primary Academy, we further exploit our excellent curriculum offer by having a variety of enrichment weeks throughout the academic year. The themes and concepts covered by these weeks are not only woven into our curriculum offer over the academic year, but in having a specific week dedicated to these themes, this allows the concepts to really take prominence within our school and give children an opportunity to revisit them.

Autumn 1 - British Values Week
As well as being embedded into our PSHCE and assembly offer, we spend a week focussing on the five fundamental British values which we are so fortunate to have within our society. Firstly, classes discuss mutual respect, which is also our autumn 1 'A Valued Me' theme, focussing on differences between us all. Then, discussions are held around tolerance of different faiths and cultures, comparing our own lives with people from different parts of the world. Thirdly, children discover what the rule of law is, considering the police, the legal system and court process that we have here in Britain. Democracy is our penultimate theme, where children extend their understanding around voting, parliament and the election process. To end our British Values week, we concentrate on the importance around individual liberty and the rights which we are lucky enough to possess here in Britain.

Autumn 2 - Friendship Week
In the second part of the autumn, to coincide with anti-bullying week, we celebrate Friendship Week at Redhill. This is where we focus on what it is like to be a good friend, how we can be kind to one another and how we can celebrate our wonderful friends. We work closely with visitors from One Day Creative, who deliver annual workshops which are themed to around anti-bullying week. In the workshops, children work in groups to revisit what bullying means and complete various activities to demonstrate their understanding of bullying. Children are then asked played some games themed around friendship. They discuss similarities and differences between themselves and their friends and recognise how these made us unique and special.

Spring 1 - E-safety Week
At Redhill, we prioritise our e-safety curriculum by ensuring that this is taught through both our computing and PSHCE curriculums and talk to our children about keeping safe whilst working online at every opportunity. Every year, to coincide with Safer Internet Day, the children complete a week's worth of fun-filled activities so that they can enjoy the wonderful range of information there is online, but also to ensure they know what to trust online, supporting our children to question, challenge and change the online world. During the week, they complete workshops themed to the UK Safer Internet Centre's area of focus

Spring 2 - World Book Day
Every year, we celebrate world book day in early March. Over the week, staff plan a range of activities for children to further their love of reading and expose them to a wide range of texts and authors. We are also very fortunate to arrange author visits over the week for all children to participate in. In recent years, we have hosted Steve Webb, Sarah Griffiths and virtual visits from Megan Rix, Rashmi Sirdeshpande, Jion Sheibani, and Struan Murray. And of course, the children and staff always take the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters!

Summer 1 - Aspirations and Careers Week
During the first half of the summer term, children across the school spend time considering their hopes and dreams for the future. During the week, all classes have participate in some wonderful careers themed activities which allows all children to gain a greater understanding around further education, the world of work and enterprise. We are also incredibly lucky to have the support of many local businesses and parents who support us by hosting visits or come into school to complete activities alongside the children like Lovell, Redrow, The International Centre, Cap Gemini, Veolia, Harper Adams University, University of Derby and Black Country Chamber of Commerce to name a few. At the end of the week, after writing letters of application and undergoing interviews, our Year 6 children complete work experience in and around school, shadowing staff in their particular roles.

Summer 2 - Healthy Lifestyles Week
Every year, we also complete a healthy lifestyles week which encompasses looking at how we can maintain a healthy lifestyles through the benefits of physical exercise, sleep, mental well-being and health and nutrition. Children take part in lots of different exercise sessions; tasks focussed on strategies for keeping calm and relaxed; discussions around health and hygiene and the importance of getting a good night's sleep; and have the opportunity to cook a range of healthy meals. We are also very fortunate to have a range of visitors attend school over the week who share a wealth of expertise with the children. In the past we have welcomed Eatwell, Fit4Kids, Crossbar, Brightstar Boxing, Stourbridge Rugby Club and many of our own parents, grandparents and relatives to work with the children.


In order to see how we offer further enrichment to our curriculum offer through extra-curricular clubs, please visit https://redhill.ttsonline.net/page/after-school-clubs#