School Mission

Mission statement

Our mission here at Redhill Primary Academy is to give every child the life chances they deserve, no matter what their starting point. We will value our children for their individuality, culture and heritage. We are committed to providing a place of excellence with high standards, where children will know how to learn as well as acquire knowledge. Our children will journey through this school, building a memory bank of fascinating learning experiences that positively impact on them for the rest of their lives.

We strive to develop the whole child, for all our children to meet their full academic, creative, social, emotional and physical potential through building solid foundations during this first chapter in their lifelong learning journey. Our pupils will be happy, well rounded individuals, who have been encouraged, nurtured and challenged to maximise the opportunities available in school, and those who are able to make confident, positive and informed choices about their life and role in society, beyond Redhill. We will provide a culture of mutual respect and acceptance with children moving onto their next venture with the skills and values to set them on the path to achieve their dreams.

We will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum offer linked to a range of opportunities through our wider curriculum, inspiring a love of learning and providing children the cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We plan carefully for children to have progressively richer experiences in nursery and beyond. These include trips to the local park, shops and visits to places of worship, museums, sports and music venues; three residential trips completed in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6; regular opportunities to use our forest school and Grove Garden/Pond; the chance to join a variety of pupil voice groups; and an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs.  

We will build a community at Redhill Primary Academy where children are not only educated and where all feel safe and supported. They will be empowered to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them and the wider world. They will be able to stand up and become pillars of the community, making a difference and contributing to the community in which they live.

“What we instill in our children will be the foundations upon which they build their future” - A Valued Me. Redhill embodies this through our core values of respect, friendship, responsibility, empathy, honesty & independence.