Foundation Stage Curriculum

Communication and Language - Listening and attention/Understanding/Speaking

In Nursery we encourage speech, communication and vocabulary through a wide range of planned and child-initiated experiences. Through a wide variety of quality texts we expose our children to rich language. We plan circle times which introduce children to new vocabulary and modeled speech. We have a weekly Show and Tell when children bring in items from home and tell their friends about them, encouraging clear speech but also good listening from peers as well as what the whole question and answer technique. If we feel a child needs further help with speech development, we work closely with the SENco and Speech and Language Therapy Services to provide early intervention. We place a high emphasis on Nursery rhymes and send one home every week to learn as this helps children to learn about rhyme and have fun with language. Our Nursery rhyme themed reading area is enjoyed by the children who like to identify the songs and then sing to their friends! In our Letters and Sounds sessions we place a high emphasis on developing listening and attention skills. We encourage good listening in all focus tasks, whole class story, routines and play.

Physical Development - Moving and Handling

During PE sessions we explore crawling, rolling, jumping and balancing. We practice small apparatus skills of throwing, catching and kicking. We follow the Cool Kids programme and Specialist programmes for Early Years. In our outside play we use bikes, climbing frames and a wide range of small equipment to encourage mastery of movements. Fine motor skills are developed through threading, painting, cutting, pegs, and tweezers in sensory based play.

Health and Self-Care

Throughout the Nursery day healthy eating, exercise and hygiene are continually emphasized by modelling, activities and discussions.

Understanding of the World

People and Communities; we promote sharing family events and celebrations through ‘All About Me ‘book. We will celebrate Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. We will find out about different jobs e.g. police, gardener, people in our school...

Chinese New Year

Nursery and Reception had a fantastic day celebrating Chinese New Year. There were lots of creative and fun activities to learn and celebrate the year of the Rat.



We provide a rich literacy environment. In Nursery, mark making is encouraged at all times across all areas. In daily differentiated focus tasks children are introduced to quality and engaging texts with a wide range of rich vocabulary. This promotes a love of literature and writing. We encourage children to mark make from the start of Nursery and then encourage correct letter formation and then the written word. Our letters and sounds phonic sessions make learning sounds and writing fun!


We build our learning around high quality texts. Children have a weekly guided reading session, taking books to share at home too. All staff promote the love of reading.



We use songs to help us count e.g. One, two, there, four, five .Once I caught a fish alive’ We have differentiated daily maths focus tasks, when we teach strategies for counting , calculations and reasoning .We count using natural objects and a wide range of exciting resources. We use models and images in line with school policy e.g. numicon, bar models etc. We follow the school EYFS Maths Calculation policy and staff continually kept up to date with high quality maths training. We provide a rich mathematical environment where children can apply what they have learnt in focus tasks within their play e.g. role-play shops, bus journeys, cafes, garage, baby clinic etc. We provide resources within small world, sand and water play, creative play and across all child –initiated areas, to encourage application of learning from focus tasks. Children are observed applying in play and this informs our assessment of next steps for that child in the area of maths.

Shape, Space and Measures

We use songs and real life experiences to help the understanding in this area of mathematical development. We use differentiated focus tasks and encourage application in both inside and outside environments in child –initiated play e.g. construction, mechanics garage, small world, sand and water play.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Making Relationships.

Throughout the daily routines and provision in Nursery we promote good communication between children and their peers and between staff and the children. Our key groups enable children to quickly build up relationships with peers and staff. We pride ourselves in building positive relationships with parents so that we working in partnership we can provide the best possible start to their child’s educational journey.

Sense of Self/Understanding Emotions

At Redhill Nursery we endeavor to build children’s self- confidence and promote self- awareness, whilst managing feelings and behavior in an environment of trust and care. We do this by having key groups, Show and Tell activity, a child- accessible environment and supportive adults. Managing Feelings and Behaviour – In our circle times we take turns to talk about rules which make our Nursery safe and a happy place.

Being imaginative

We explore the seasons and festivals in dance, music and art. We use exciting role-play areas inside and outside to promote creativity by providing dressing up clothes, props and resources eg dens, shops, boats. We provide rich creative experiences in different media, using a wide range of tools. We follow the school art programme to develop skills which will be refined at a later age. We work closely with outside artists to add a richness to our provision e.g a dance teacher, Shrewsbury Museum and art gallery, Telford Culture Zone and Early Years Specialists.

 Exploring The World - People and communities, technology, the world

Celebrating the many cultures and festivals within our school community encourage a sense of belonging to the wider world. Visits from the police, nurses, garden center promote an interest in those who help us. In our Nursery we promote technology with programmable toys, ipads, interactive whiteboard etc. We use role-play to model learning and use of technology in the world eg phones, Exploration plays a major part in Early Years so children will investigate first hand and develop a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them. Our welly walks will encourage fun and creativity, questioning and observation. The grounds around our Nursery enable inquisitive minds to explore and learn about the natural world throughout the seasons.

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Nursery Sessional Times

  • Morning session: 8.40am until 11.40am
  • Afternoon session: 11.50am until 2.50pm
  • All day with lunch: 8.40am until 2.50pm.

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