School Meals

At Redhill we offer the choice for children to have a cooked dinner or packed lunch. The cost of a packed lunch, is £2.35 or free for Reception and Year 1 and Year 2 children (under the new government initiative). Jacket potatoes and freshly made sandwiches will be offered alongside the menu. Pre-ordering a school packed lunch is required. A Microsoft form will be emailed out on each Monday for you to complete for the following week. You do not need to pre-order the hot menu.

Our school catering facility is run by Miquill Catering. Miquill will only accept payments via ParentPay. They will not be able to accept any other payment method. All meals must be paid for in advance, before your child arrives for their meal. If payment is not in their account, then a packed lunch must be provided from home. Balances can also be checked if you have the account number too.