School Safeguarding Board

S.A.F.E committee

Our SAFE Board (Safeguarding Children in Education) are a group of children from years 4, 5 and 6 who are chosen by class teachers and Miss Dhillon for their empathetic and sensible nature. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the tasks, parents are informed in writing when their child is selected to be part of SAFE Board. They sign the letter to give permission for their child to be part of the group. Miss Dhillon trains this group in counselling skills and works with them on safeguarding issues. A ‘worry box’ has been set up so children can post their worries on a slip and this is then responded to by Miss Dhillon or another trusted adult in school, depending on the nature of the worry. SAFE Board deliver assemblies; e.g. PANTS, How can we keep ourselves safe etc. They have designed and prepared a display board (by KS1 Toilets) which includes their photographs and names for the school children. The Board can also be identified by their green SAFE badges.

The group are also responsible for carrying out Risk Assessments, from the children’s perspective. Any concerns raised by these assessments are discussed with Miss Dhillon and passed on to either Mrs Whiting or the school caretaker, as required. They have designed a brief card which is handed to our visitors upon arrival and briefly outlines our expectations from the visitors. Please see below. This year, SAFE Board will be writing the Safeguarding Policy, from their perspective.

How to keep us safe while visiting our school ?

When you visit our school, there are certain rules that you must follow in order to keep us safe.
1. Firstly, when you arrive at the reception area, it is necessary that you sign in, so we know who you are and who you have come to see.
2. Next, you will be given a lanyard by one of the receptionists; this must be worn at all times so the children will be able to tell that you are a visitor.
3. Once the member of staff know that you are here to see has come to meet you, you may be taken on a tour of our school. It is vital that you stay where you are being shown so not only do we know where you are but also for the safety of the children.
4. Finally, at the end of your visit it is important that you hand over your lanyard to one of the receptionists, sign out and exit the school the same way you came in.
5. You are not allowed to use your mobile phone. This will be confiscated if seen.

Thank you
Safeguarding Board