Times of the School Day

The School Day

Teaching time during each school day amounts to 4 hours 45 minutes for Key Stage 2 children and 4 hours 30 minutes for children in Key Stage 1, excluding time for collective worship and registration. The children finish work at 3.00pm and should normally be out to meet parents in the playground by 3.10pm.

We encourage children to come into school on their own to foster independence and to ensure that both teachers and children can begin their work promptly. We do expect children to begin work as soon as they come into school. If parents have any concerns or messages we ask that they go round the outside of the school to the office. Here an appointment can be made, or an administrator will pass the message on in order to allay any concerns as expediently as possible.

Redhill Daily Timetable

We welcome parents into our school at the end of the day although we do ask that you wait until the children have left the building as the exits can become very congested at this time.