PE, at Redhill Primary Academy, is an essential part of the curriculum.  Through our provision, we aim to develop the key fundamental movement skills which enable children to perform both daily tasks and sporting challenges in a controlled and efficient manner. We offer a broad range of activities to the children including swimming, invasion games, racquet sports, dance, athletics, outdoor adventurous activity, and gymnastics. Knowledge and skills are developed throughout these activities with opportunities to revisit them throughout their time at Redhill to ensure progressive development of skills. Through our PE curriculum, we promote the hidden values such as respect, fairness and collaboration alongside the A Valued Me system and British Values. It is important that all children experience success and understand the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle during their time at Redhill and for the future.


To develop physical competence in a broad range of activities where the children can perform and apply the fundamental movement skills in isolation and in combination.

To inspire all pupils to participate, succeed and excel in physical activities and competitive sports.

To ensure that our provision allows opportunities for physically demanding activities for sustained periods of time.

To ensure that all children can access learning, adapting and differentiating provision to  meet individual needs and to coincide with children's interests.

To enable all children to benefit, regardless of race, gender, culture or ability.

To promote the benefits of physical activity for mental and physical health, encouraging children to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

To involve the development of qualities such as fairness, enthusiasm, integrity and respect as well as success; these develop the hidden values which link to the Valued Me system and the British Values.