History at Redhill

What we do

It is the study of the past; including understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. It encourages children to develop a coherent chronological narrative from the earliest times to present day, drawing upon how people’s lives have shaped the nation. It also explores how Britain has influenced and has been influenced by the wider world. When exploring the history of the wider world, children consider the nature of ancient civilisations, the expansion and dissolution of empires, characteristic features of past non-European societies, achievements and follies of mankind. Children focus upon the ways in which evidence can be interpreted; the use of all forms of data and written accounts to investigate the past in depth and overview. Drawing their own conclusions from the evidence they have researched.


  • To develop an enquiry approach to history.
  • To perceive History as a dynamic, creative and enjoyable subject.
  • To develop the children’s natural questioning nature.
  • To set the children challenges to answer questions that they have set themselves.
  • To be confident in sharing their findings.
  • To involve all members of the class through a numbers of media which would suit their
  • To cover all knowledge, understanding and skills of Britain’s past and the wider world set out in the NC throughout KS1 and 2.
  • Have a broad view of the topics taught through a process of enquiry and evaluation.
  • To build upon knowledge, understanding and skills learnt in previous years showing clear progression through the key stages.
  • To use resources to enhance learning and enjoyment of learning as best we can.
  • To encourage the children to learn through practical experience e.g. field trips, role play.
  • To help children understand society and their place in it, developing a sense of cultural heritage.

Year Group Topics and trips

  • Year 6 - How great inventions and innovations from 1914-1945 era are still used today/Ancient Greece/Vikings
  • Year 5 - Ancient Egypt/Space race/Anglo Saxons
  • Year 4 – WWI/II to present day; focussing on the British Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Royal Air Force/ Rich & Poor Romans/Achievements of the Romans - trip to Wroxeter
  • Year 3 – The Ages (conflict) / The Ages (Rich & Poor) / Our house leaders (achievements)
  • Year 2 - Gunpowder plot / Life & Times of a Victorian child / Titanic - Trip to Blists Hill
  • Year 1 - Explorers (Neil Armstrong & Christopher Columbus) / Great Fire of London / Famous places
  • Foundation – Then and Now – Past and Present

Rememberance Day