Vision and Aims


To provide a happy, secure and safe environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected.
To create an atmosphere where children are comfortable in sharing their ideas without a fear of failure.
To encourage all of our children to achieve their potential and expand their aspirations, by providing them with the necessary skills to enable success in the future.
To provide opportunities to become confident and competent: academically, socially and spiritually.
To make their whole experience at Redhill inspiring, challenging, fun and meaningful.


We ensure that children value friendship and treat others the way they wish to be treated.
We are responsible individuals, taking pride in our work, our School and our community.
We respect diversity and individuality and encourage acceptance of all within our inclusive community.
We are empathetic and honest, learning from our mistakes and celebrating each other’s successes.
We promote positive relationships, which foster independence and teamwork by encouraging full participation where everyone's voice is heard.

Curriculum Message

Our curriculum is a fusion of essential knowledge, experiences, skills, attitudes and values, which focuses on the well-being of the individual and entire community. Through this carefully planned program of learning, we will provide our children with the skills and capabilities to become accomplished citizens, both locally and globally, regardless of their starting points. Vulnerable learners including those who are pupil premium and/or SEND are considered fully when delivering our curriculum starting with providing good outcomes for all pupils, so that we are narrowing achievement gaps, wherever they appear. The senior leadership team, DSLs and SENDCo monitor the outcomes of these groups and use the information to further inform our curriculum intent. Our overarching ambition is that no child is left behind and that every child is supported to reach their full potential.

Vision for the School in the future

Sustain our focus on standards and personalised learning. We will ensure every child reaches their educational potential. Literacy and Numeracy will remain a priority to ensure standards remain high.
Continue to maximise each child's talents, whether it is a sporting, creative, artistic or an academic talent. We will continue to create a learning environment that both nurtures and provides opportunities for such talents to be recognised and celebrated. The creative arts and extra-curricular provision are fundamental to the success of such an aim.
Continue to deliver a broad, well balanced, and motivating curriculum which stimulates learning and ensures children are ready for their next steps in education.
Build on the strength of the school as a community where learning is preparation for life in modern Britain.
Provide swift and easy access to online and school-based learning resources and approaches for parents and carers.
Develop a dynamic Local Governing Board that is judged to be outstanding, that provides challenge, rigour and encourages ambitious strategic plans.