Year 3 - Mrs Richards

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During the Autumn term we learnt about animals and skeletons. We revisited how we could classify animals according to their diet as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and then spent time researching the diets of a range of different animals. We then moved on to look at the dietary requirements of humans and identify different food groups and the foods that they include. We also looked at how food is digested and what different food groups are used for in our bodies. We finished off the term by learning about the similarities and differences between vertebrates and invertebrates.


Our focus in Geography during Autumn 2 was Landmarks. We began by using atlases to identify and label some of the countries in Europe. We then worked collaboratively to research and identify the capital cities of each of these countries. We then learnt about settlements as being places where people live and work. We discussed how they may vary in size but they often share a range of characteristics. We compared Telford as a rural settlement and London as an urban settlement and identified similarities and differences. We then moved on to looking at what landmarks are and how to identify them. We then located landmarks and plotted them onto a map. We looked at their characteristics and how these popular landmarks generate tourism for the countries they are in. Using a digital map we identified some of the human geographical features found near these areas such as bridges, train stations and castles. We finished the term by learning how to create our own map and how to use 4 figure grid references.