Year 4 - Mrs Davies

Our Classroom

Work I Am Proud Of!



As part of our 'Celebrating differences' block, we created anti-bullying posters. We recognised how important it was to us to be able to identify what bullying was and who we could talk to. We also had a vist from the Dogs Trust who taught us how to 'Be Dog Smart'.


As part of our Animation block we used Purple Mash to create our own animation of the Water Cycle. We were able to show the whole process and created 50 frames in order to make it complete. It showed the four stages of the water cycle and how this was an ongoing process. We used an onion skin to help us create a smooth animation and set our background at the start.


As part of our work on the British Armed Forces, we received a visit from Mr Winchurch. It was a fantastic opportunity to ask some of the questions that we had about life in the armed forces. We really appreciate him coming in to share his experiences.