Year 5 - Mrs Hodgkison

Our Classroom

Work I Am Proud Of!


During the Autumn term, we found out about the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians. We began by making a connection between  the unique  geography of Egypt and the way its civilisation developed. This led us to conclude that Egypt developed, as it did, largely thanks to the River Nile.  We  then explored then explored the many ways in which the River Nile contributed to life in Ancient Egypt: transport, irrigation, food source, trade links, hygiene and defence. We also looked at and interpreted primary sources such as tomb paintings and learnt how they have contributed to our understanding of daily life in Egypt thousands of years ago. Linked to this, we went on to explore hieroglyphics and used our own designs as a basis of our lino printing art project.  We also found out about the Egyptian’s beliefs about life after death and why they mummified their dead.

In Science, we have been studying  the Earth, Sun and Moon, finding our about their relative sizes and movement which we have related to time, seasons and moon phases.