Art Achievements

The Arts mark is awarded recognises schools that are making the arts come alive and offer this to all children across their school. At Redhill we promote the arts in all its aspects (music, visual, and dance, design and technology and performing arts) and are delighted that this has been recognised by The Arts Council. This has been awarded for many years and so shows our commitment as a school to The Arts. Our school vision is that we are committed to the talents of every child and celebrate achievement across the whole curriculum.

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

We were asked by Clarke solicitors to take part in a competition to help decorate their windows for Christmas. We were asked to create some art work around the theme of when Santa got stuck up the chimney. Here are some examples of our entries from a cross the year groups.

Art Exhibition November 2015

Year 5/6

Year 5 have been focusing on Ancient Egypt and in Art have been looking at Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings.

in response to the painting ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’, we imagined the hare running in front of the train in Turner’s image, stepping back from the tracks and the onslaught of progress, to take a more leisurely meander through an older more mythical landscape. From this idea, came the idea to produce a map that would mirror the physicality of the landscape and the stories that it aimed to encapsulate.