The Arts

At Redhill the Arts are embedded within the curriculum allowing children to challenge themselves through a creative cross curricular approach and we are proud to achieve the ArtsMark Gold Award!

"Creativity is the ability to see things in a new way, to see problems that no one else may even realize exist, and then come up with new, unique, and effective solutions to these problems. Standard intelligence tests measure convergent thinking - the ability to come up with a single correct answer. But creativity involves divergent thinking - the ability to come up with new and unusual answers" (Papalia and Olds, 1993).

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Redhill Has Talent 2019

Redhill certainly does have talent. Another joyous occasion where we were able to celebrate the talents of many of our young pupils from singing, dancing, story telling to playing the piano.

The children worked hard to pull off a show stopping display .

Well done to our Key Stage 1 winner who danced her way to the top and our Key stage 2 Winner Katie who blew us away with her beautiful singing. 

Rory McCann - Artist 2018

We have been very lucky to have the artist Rory McCann create a mural for our Reception corridor using characters from the stories we enjoy . He gave each class a master class on his techniques to create a 3D effect, reflections, shadows and where the light comes from. He demonstrated how to do these and we were able to watch him in action.

Shakespeare 2018

Art Competition

Below are some fantastic pieces of Art created by the children of Redhill - These photos were taken a few years ago, but are still on display in the school foyer!

World Book Day

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with and meet the illustrator Katy Alson. As a whole school we worked with Katy to create our 3D traditional tale carousel book. Each year group focused on a traditional story drawing characters, events and objects on to a piece of paper . We then traced the drawings onto the pages in the books and finished off using watercolours to add detail.

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

We were asked by Clarke solicitors to take part in a competition to help decorate their windows for Christmas. We were asked to create some art work around the theme of 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney’. Here are some examples of our entries from across the year groups.

Walsall Art Gallery

For our trip this term, Year 6 have visited Walsall Art Gallery.

One of the gallery staff introduced us to the Garman Ryan exhibition - the reason for the founding of the museum in the beginning. We learnt that they collected art work which they like, from a wide range of times and media, and how the gallery is organised by subject in the art work (for example: landscape, animals, portraits). We investigated the concept of portraits in greater detail, sketching and developing people from different directions and individual features of their faces. We used plasticine to create our own models of animals, like we could see represented in the animals gallery.  As well as focusing on learning about how to use modroc for sculpture, we also investigated a range of other types of art work. We looked at a range of work in the children’s room, looking at the artists and types of media they used. We thought about the work that most appealed to us and why and the work which we didn’t really like and why. We discussed how having a different opinion was fine, but we had to respect the views of others. 

We also had the opportunity to look round the museum and to see the different exhibitions. We focused on the work of Amalia Pica, an Argentian artist who now lives in London. Her latest exhibition, Private and Confidential, focuses on exposing the concepts of security and confidentiality and mocking some of the systems used in Government. Her work was particularly interesting as it was unusual: made from stamps to create images on paper, all presented like a series of postage stamps; a desk, similar to what we might find in an office, with stamps and paper; desks and tables set out for meetings; giant seats, shaped like ’ears’, made from shredded documents as if they were listening in; and work created from repeating geometric shapes, particularly chosen for their use in envelopes for security reasons.

Overall, it was a very interesting and enjoyable day for all involved!

As part of our visit to Walsall Art Gallery, we took part in a sculpture workshop focussing on developing our Modroc skills. We looked at creating busts to focus our attention on adding detail and creating a sculpture which had detail from all angles.  

As part of this, we discussed how we can build up the basic structure of our shape using newspaper and masking tape. We then looked at how to use Modroc - smoothing it down carefully to ensure the plaster was spread out and formed a smooth, strong bond between the pieces.

Once we had built up a layer of Modroc with no newspaper visible, we were shown how best to build up different features such as noses, eyebrows, eyes and ears. Because these skills are going to be applied to creating our own mythical creatures at school, we were also shown how these same skills could be used to develop features such as horns on a creature.