At the heart of the curriculum is the development of the whole child. We have carefully revised our curriculum based on research to ensure it fits the needs of our children, providing them with the tools to embed knowledge. The curriculum offer continues to provide a broad, well balanced, and motivating which stimulates learning.

The curriculum is driven by our six half-termly values: respect, friendship, responsibility, empathy, honesty and independence, which were chosen by both children and staff. ‘A Valued Me’ emphasises the importance of these key beliefs that children and staff embody here at Redhill. It encourages our children to be confident, independent learners who are resourceful, think for themselves and harness a strong sense of what’s right and wrong; and resilient learners who persevere when faced with challenge, who are not afraid to take risks and are actively involved in their learning due to a desire to achieve their highest potential. By teaching our children these lifelong skills, we are preparing them for their next steps in education and beyond.

Our curriculum is a fusion of essential knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, which focuses on the well-being of the individual and entire community. Through this carefully planned program of learning, we will provide our children with the skills and capabilities to become accomplished citizens, both locally and globally, regardless of their starting points.

To further develop the children’s understanding of the world we live in, we have a series of themed weeks which we feel are essential to our curriculum here at Redhill. These include British Values Week, Friendship Week, Healthy Lifestyles Week, E-Safety Week and Aspirations and Careers Week.

Throughout their time at Redhill Primary Academy, children are given the opportunity to attend three residential visits: Kingswood Nursery and Infant Centre in Forest School in Year 2, the Isle of Wight in Year 4 and Arthog Outdoor Education Centre in Year 6. We understand how important these visits are for our children to develop independence and self-confidence. It also offers further opportunities to experience learning in the great outdoors and enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all pupils.   

We are also very proud of the range of after school clubs we offer at Redhill Primary Academy. These include relaxation and stretching classes, choir, STEM club, art club, cooking club, ICT club, chess club, French, Spanish, German, guinea pig cub and various sporting clubs like football, basketball, archery, multi-skills, netball, hockey, gymnastics, dance and street dance to name a few! 

"Redhill maintains a strong focus on pupils progress and well-being."

"Sport, art and music strongly feature in school life and play an important part in pupil’s development”.

“Pupils at Redhill Primary School enjoy being part of a stimulating and caring learning community, which offers an orderly, pleasant and safe atmosphere. Pupils are enthusiastic about all aspects of their school life”.

Ofsted Inspection November 2017